Quality and Consistency are the main two paradigm of our foundation. We always strive to provide the best quality material as well as quality services in terms of delivery of the material and documentation.

We are always careful about quality in all our process stage starting from Raw Material, WIP and Finished Goods. After working out many permutations and combination in Raw Materials and Process Operations, we have reached to a specific quality of our products. Our R&D as well as Chemistry Team keeps the track of all the technical parameters for every order in process.

We always have taken suggestions / complaints from our customers in a constructive manner, and have fulfilled their requirement of specific quality with desired parameters, which is why we have highly satisfied clients with long term business relationship.

Since the time, we have started Exporting our products, on time delivery with prompt & errorless documentation process have been the facets of our business relationship with our clients. We always give utmost importance to client’s requirement / specification while arranging for delivery / transportation. Be rest assured for quality and on time delivery because it is our responsibility.